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Unit Weight

Pcs/Pound Packaging
      3.63 Kg Cases
      3.63 Kg Cases
      3.63 Kg Cases
Fusilli Tri-colour
      3.63 Kg Cases
Rigatoni Tri-colour
      3.63 Kg Cases
      3.63 Kg Cases
Ziti Rigate
      3.63 Kg Cases
Penne Rigate       3.63 Kg Cases
Trecce       3.63 Kg Cases
Canestri       3.63 Kg Cases
Square Penne Rigate       3.63 Kg Cases
Flower Blossom       3.63 Kg Cases

The shelf life of short pasta is 6 months frozen

Cooking directions:
Bring water to a rapid boil; pour frozen contents into boiling water with some salt for approximately 3 minutes. Strain and add you favourite sauce.

All short pastas are Frozen.

Note: all sizes and portions are approximate.


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