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Behind the colourful pasta shop, the busy hands at Only Pasta work together to create a great assortment of fresh flavoured, stuffed and shaped pasta every day of the week. Curious how pasta is made? Come on by for a free tour of our factory. We’ll show you how we make our delicious pasta from handfuls of spelt all the way into the cheese filled ravioli you enjoy.

If you’ve got pasta on your mind for your next catering occasion, come on by and sample our large selection of string, short, specialty, and stuffed pastas. We also offer prepared foods, organic alternatives and even custom made pastas for the distinguishing connoisseur. Whatever your tastes, Only Pasta is the answer!




- Fettucine
- Linguine
- Spaghetti
- Angel hair
- Lasagna Sheets

- Casareccia
- Rigatoni
- Penne Rigate
- Ziti
- Tortellini Meat + Cheese
- Ravioli Meat + Cheese
- Agnolotti
- Gnocchi
- Wild Mushroom
- Sweet Potato
- Leek and Mushroom
- Meat Lasagna
- Cheese Lasagna
- Vegetable Lasagna
- Eggplant Parmigiano
- Alfredo
- Pesto
- Creamy Tomato
- Meat
- Roasted Pepper
- Tomato Basil



Latest News

Only Pasta invites you to try our new “Festive Medley Pasta”, a delicious pasta filled with ricotta cheese and spinach. Available in Xmas trees and bell shaped pasta, they are now in store for the holiday season!

Only Pasta was featured on Roger's Daytime Tv!
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